Trip to Kanakampatti 24-02-2018

Trip to Kanakampatti 24-02-2018

One of my friends Gopal asked me to come and witness their family deity consecration at Kanakampatti on 25-02-2018.

So started from Chomepet on 24-02-18 morning 08.20  along with my classmate Mahaprabhu, Son Nishanth and Santhi Home minister.

Reached Eraniamman temple vandalur for a pooja.

Paranur toll was reached at 9.05, as usual the fastag was scanned with a hand held scanner, it seems that the scanners are calibrated for a particular direction of usage, on 10-02-18, there was a huge rush at the paranur toll plaza and for one direction as many as 8 lanes were opened, the lane 7 handheld scanner read my fastag, and return also i had to use the same direction lane, so the fastag software was deduction two times single fare instead of return fare, had to take up with NPCI, IHMCL, Fastag Axis, Chennai PIU and after a lengthy email exchange finally got my refund.

So on the 24-02-2018 while crossing the toll asked the person why they are using the same direction hand held scanner for both the directions, as usual he didn’t have any answers.

Athur toll was crossed by 9.45, as usual there was a queue, navigated and exited.

Vikravandi was crossed at 10.25

Reached villupuram arya nivas for a tea break by 10.45am, previous day went to change the car battery as the battery shop was closed couldn’t get it changed, after the tea break the car refused to start. After much pushing and cajoling car did started and continued our journey, traffic was there since weekend there were many cars.

Sengurichi was crossed at 11.10, thirumandurai at 11.42 then stopped at the Chakra milk parlour for a break, had samosas and veg roll, Milk was not there and the flavoured milk was also not to be found.

Samyapuram was crossed at 12.25.

After samayapuram the next stop was michael’s ice cream at Thiruvanaikaval, crossed the kollidam and took the diversion to thiruvanaikaval at around 12.35 pm, went to the ice cream parlour and about to order the delights, just then checked with the parlour person whether temple is  open, as the parlour was next to the temple entrance, for which he told saturday and sundays the temple is open throughout the day, so cancelled the order and went to the temple 10 rs ticket for the darshan stood for 25 minutes and entered the temple had a nice darshan, circumambulated the temple, wondered at the stone sculptures, took photographs of the newly repainted temple towers, a good soul helped us to take photographs, thanked her and came to  relish the delightful ice cream at the Michael’s.

It was awesome in taste, couldn’t stop with one cup and one flavour, first vanilla, then fruit salad, then again vanilla, chocolate and butter scotch flavours were tried to leave a taste in the mouth which lingered for a long time. Worth visiting and worth spending, only regret the famous rose milk was not available, the parlour person was also so helping, he insisted us to visit the teppakulam branch to taste their entire collection, thanked him and told will note down in the next visit.

Exited thiruvanaikaval to NH 45 / 32 through narrow bylanes of the temple town and touched the highway, reached Mannarpuram flyover to take the aristo roundabout to proceed to the Dindigul road.
The Aristo roundabout is still not complete, however temporary service road in shambles exist to navigate to Dindugul, no sign posts are there to guide, the aristo roundabout rmajinagar road is now with a divider but the road in not laid to proper camber it was undulating ride, reached the 4 lane dindigul road and  rushed towards manaparai next halt for the Muruku,

Reached Manaparai by 2.25pm bought the famous murukku and was looking for a restaurant as it was past lunch time, luckily found a restaurant at the thuvanrankurichi road had meals and continued towards puthanatham, reached by 3.10pm had some readymade dress purchase and continued towards Vadamadurai.

Puthanatham Dindigul road is narrow and traffic has increased now, earlier it used to be with almost nil traffic but now many LCV, bikes are utilising the road, proof a new Essar petrol pump was opened.

Came to the national Highway and took the vadamadurai Eriyodu Diversion as there was a news that Dindigul, Oddanchatram, Palni road construction  was on and there was too many diversions and mismatched culvert to  road merging.

Reached Vedasandur had a good tasting Sugarcane juice, by now the thighs muscles stiffened  due to continuous run, had to wait and relax for about 20 minutes, but stiffness was there continued to oddanchatram.

Meanwhile friend called and asked to visit Kanakampatti temple today itself as it was an auspicious day, the temple idol were taken out, so reached reached Oddancharam by 4.55 pm and Kanakampatti by 5.30 pm.

The road Oddanchatram to Palani was bad in few patches but not so bad as told by my friend.

Went to the temple enjoyed the festivities and continued to palani, enroute at Ayakudi purchased the famous guava at the Market.

Guava being transported by the faramers in a TVS XL

Reached Palani and checked in to New Tirupur Lodge by 6.10 pm.

At palani had a tonsure for Nishanth, bathed and went to visit Palani murugan temple by 7.30 pm, the climb was by yanai pathai, reached temple top by 8.30 pm had the darshan after jostling and shoving with many people and shouting at a few.

Descended and reached 9.45 pm, had Siddhanathan panchamirutham and retired for the day, Dinner was not worth mentioning here.

Gopal’s Hospitality
Grand pandal for meet and greet
Akkamar Eswari story narrateed through Models

On 25-02-18, morning visited Thiruavinankudi had a nice darshan, proceeded to  Kanakampatti village, the whole  village wore a festival look and each house was filled with friends and relatives, went to Gopal’s home had a sumptuous breakfast, Ravadosai, Poori, Rava Kichadi, Idly, Mushroom kuruma, Chutney, sambhar, Sweet, Coffee.

Then the meeting with family members happened and they explained the significance of the Akkamar Eswari temple and the relevance of the function, was extremely carried over by the nature of observing festivities and welcoming of  the friends and relatives, totally a new experience.

Gopal’s uncle took me to other Pandals of  famous decoration and celebration, stunned to see the lavish and graceful grandeur which was reflected at all places.

The small village was abuzz with activity which was swarming with people and cars.

When made a tour around the village almost all the roads were blocked jammed with vehicles, now understood it will be difficult to get out of the village, huge posse of policemen were now present.

Took leave of them as the feast was getting ready, i couldn’t wait for any longer.

Palani Oddanchatram road was in complete traffic  jam at kanakampatti, somehow managed to get out of the road block by 10.55 am  and continued the journey same via Oddanchatram, vedasandur vadamadurai Ponnambalapatti (12.20) to reach Inamkulathur (12.50) to have the famous biriyani.

At Inamkulathur the biriyani is made availabel only on sundays and that to for a first come first serve basis, so raced  and reached Inamkulathur to locate the Biriyani shop Sevathakani Buhari Biriyani, it was marked by a queue of cars, inspite of the rush managed to get the Biriyani and tasted it under a highway tree.

Biriyani was made of seeraga samba, the mutton is cooked well and it is not spicy, but the authentic taste or aroma was missing to my observation.

Started from inamkulathur by 1.25, Trichy Crossed by 1.40, Samayapuram by 1.55 pm, Thirumandurai toll by 2.40, Ulundurprt Sengurichi by 3.10 pm, got good tasting Jack fruit,  Vikravandi by 3.40, from Vikravandi onwards could feel the traffic build up, at Athur tindivana, toll the queue lasted for 10 minutes crossed at 4.15pm.

Thought if Athur is crowded then Paranur toll will be flooded with vehicles, so made a decision to take the Kanchipuram Palur Ezichhur Oragadam road to reach Tambaram and Reached Home by 6.15 pm safely. A trip which will be remembered forever

Km covered 467.


Munnar a trip to Forget – மூணாறு அது ஆகாது

ஒரு long trip போய் நாளாச்சுதேனு யோசிச்சிட்டு இருக்கும் போது தான், quarterly vacation மகனோட schoolல் announce பண்ணாங்க Oct 8th to Oct 12, எங்க போகலாம்னு ரொம்ப யோசிச்சி மூணாறு முடிவாச்சி. ஆனா எனக்கு என்னவோ ஒரு சின்ன உதறல் மட்டும் இருந்துட்டே இருந்திச்சு.

உத்தமராசா படம் அதில் வரும் வடக்குப்பட்டி ராமசாமி காமெடி பார்த்தவங்க நல்லா சிரிச்சிருப்பீங்க ஆனா படத்தில உள்ளது நிஜத்தில் நடந்தால் சிரிப்பு வரமாட்டேங்குது.

மூணாறு terrace green resort book பண்ணினேன், ஆனா confirmation letter வரலை, சரி புறப்படறதுக்கு 2 நாள் முன்னால வரும்னு பாத்துட்டு இருந்தா ஒண்ணும் வரலை, (இப்ப வடக்குப்பட்டி ராமசாமி செருப்பு அறுந்தது ஞாபகம் வருதா) விசாரிச்சி பார்த்தா நீங்க தானே resort allotment cancel பண்ணினீங்கனு சொல்றான். அடேய் அது போன வருஷ kodaikanal booking, இன்னும் காண்பிக்கிதுன்னு cancel பண்ணினேன், நான் கேட்டது மூணாறு bookingனு விளக்கம் அருஞ்சொற்பொருள் எல்லாம் சொன்ன பிறகு allotment letter வந்து சேர்ந்தது.

தேனி போடி சாலை


போடிமெட்டு சாலை

கிளம்புவதற்கு முந்தின நாள் ஒரு report doctorட்ட காண்பிக்க வேண்டியது இருந்தது. hospital doctor இருக்கிறாரானு phone மேலே phone போட்டு கேட்டுட்டு doctor இருக்கிறார்னு confirm செய்துட்டு, ராத்திரி 8:45 மணிக்கு ஆஸ்புத்திரி போய் பார்த்தா, டாக்டர் operation theatreல இருந்து வெளிவந்துட்டு திரும்பவும் உள்ளே போயிட்டார், இனி எப்ப வருவாருனு தெரியாதுனு ஒரு அரை மணி நேரம் கழித்து சொன்னாங்க. என்னடா இது சோதனைனு நினைச்சிட்டு வீட்டுக்கு நடந்து வரும் போது ஒரு screwஆணி காலில் குத்தியது, நல்ல ஆழமா குத்தினதில ரத்தம் வர ஆரம்பிச்சிடிச்சி (என்னடா இது இரத்த காயமெல்லாம் ஆகுது, ஹும் சில தடங்கல் வர தான் செய்யும் வடக்குப்பட்டி ராமசாமி sorry மூணாரு இதோ வரேன்),

அந்த ராத்திரி நேரத்தில ஒரு டாக்டர தேடி போனா அவரு clinic மூடிட்டு போயிட்டாரு, காலிலோ ரத்தம் வரதும் நிக்கலை, பிறகு இன்னொரு ஆஸ்பத்திரி தேடி போய் ஒரு TT Injection, 200 Rs மாத்திரை வாங்கிட்டு வீட்டுக்கு வரும் போது ராத்திரி 10 மணி.

காலையில் 6:30 மணிக்கு எங்கள் மூணாறு பயணம் தொடங்கியது, வடக்குப்பட்டி ராமசாமி கதையில சைக்கிள் செயின் அறுந்து போறது போல பெருங்களத்தூரிலேருந்தே traffic jam, செங்கல்பட்டு toll plaza 1 km Ahead Boardல் இருந்தே வாகனம்கள் line கட்டி நிக்குது, 25 நிமிசத்துக்கு அப்புறம் தான் கடக்க முடிந்தது, அடுத்த இரண்டு toll gate திண்டிவனம், விக்கிரவாண்டி, அதிலயும் ஒரு 15 நிமிசம் நின்னு தான் போக முடிஞ்சது.

பெரம்பலூர் chakra milk parlourல எப்ப போனாலும் காலியா இருக்கும், அது தொடர் விடுமுறை ஆனதினால அங்கேயும் ஒரே கூட்டம், 20 நிமிஷம் நிறுத்திட்டு கிளம்பி திருச்சி காவேரி பாலத்துக்கு மேலே வந்தா மறுபடியும் traffic jam, ஏதோ காரணத்துக்கு traffic block பண்ணிட்டு, service roadல மாத்தி விட்டாங்க அதுக்கும் ஒரு 30 நிமிசம் நின்னு கடக்க வேண்டியதா போச்சு.

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திண்டுக்கல் ரோட்டை பிடிச்சி போகும் போது மணி மதியம் 12 மேல ஆகிடிச்சி, ஒரு பத்திரிகைல இனாம்குளத்தூர் பிரியாணி ரொம்ப பிரசித்தம்னு படிச்சது நினைவுக்கு வர, சம்முவம் வண்டிய இனாம்குளத்தூர் விட்றானு பறந்து போனோம், ஊரை பாத்தா ஒரு  பிரியாணி வாசமோ, பிரியாணி கடை போர்டோ இல்லை, பிறகு தைரியத்தை வரவழைச்சிட்டு ஒருத்தர் கிட்ட கேட்டோம், ஏங்க இது இனாம்குளத்தூர் தானே, (ஏன்னா வழி எல்லாம் அம்மாப்பேட்டைனு தான் board இருந்திச்சி.) அப்படினு கேட்டோம், அவரும் ஆமா இது தான் இனாம்குளத்தூர், இங்க யாரை பார்க்க வந்தீக, ஆரு வழில சொந்தம்னு கேட்டுட்டார், நானும் ரொம்ப தயக்கமா, இங்க பிரியாணி பிரபலம்னு சொன்னாங்க அது தான் வந்தோம்னு சொன்னோம், யாரு வழில சொந்தம்னு கேட்டாரே, அவரும் ஒரு பிரியாணி ரசிகர் போல நாங்களும் பிரியாணி கடை பத்தி கேட்கவும் ரொம்பவும் புளங்காகிதம் அடைந்து, அடடா, இங்கே ஞாயிற்றுக்கிழமை மட்டும் தான் பிரியாணி கிடைக்கும்னு சொன்னாரு, மறுபடியும் வடக்குப்பட்டி ராமசாமி தான் ஞாபகத்துக்கு வந்தாரு, என்னத்தை பண்ண?

திரும்பவும் மெயின் ரோடு வந்து, திண்டுக்கல் நோக்கி சென்றோம், மதியம் இரண்டு மணிக்கு திண்டுக்கல் ஆச்சீஸ் மெஸ்ல் பிரியாணி உடன் நிஜாம் சிக்கன் பிரமாதமாக இருந்தது, அடுத்து திண்டுக்கல் பிரபல பூட்டு வாங்க ஆசைப்பட்டு எங்கே கிடைக்கும்னு கேட்டோம், எல்லா hardware shopலயும் கிடைக்கும்னு சொன்னதை நம்பி இரண்டு கடையில கேட்டோம், பூட்டு எல்லாம் கடைத்தெருவுல போய் கேளுங்கனு சொன்னாங்க, சரிதான்னு நம்பி கடைத்தெருவுக்கு போனா பூட்டு repair பாக்கிற ஆள் தான் இருக்காரு எங்க கேட்டாலும் பூட்டுக்கடையே இல்லை.

தேனி ரோட்டில் போடி பார்டர் கிட்ட போகும்போது தான் கார் பேப்பர் எதுவும் எடுத்துட்டு வரலைனு தெரிஞ்சுது, borderல checkpost உண்டு அங்கே car RC Book Insurance papers எல்லாம் சரி பார்ப்பாங்கனு சொன்னாங்க, சரி தான் இங்கயும் நம்ம வடக்குப்பட்டி ராமசாமி வேலைய காண்பிச்சுட்டாருனு நினைச்சிட்டு border cross பண்ண போனோம், மூங்கில் தடுப்பு போட்டு கேரளா போலீஸ்காரர் வண்டிய நிறுத்த சொன்னாரு, என்ன கேட்க போறாரோனு நினைச்சிட்டு நிறுத்தினோம், நல்லவேளை ஒண்ணும் கேட்கலை, நாங்க தான் சூர்யநெல்லி ரோட்டுக்கு எப்படி போகணும்னு கேட்டோம், checkpost  தாண்டிய உடனே rightல திரும்பி போக சொன்னார். நன்றி சொல்லிவிட்டு கடந்தோம்.

சூர்யநெல்லி ரோட்டில் கொஞ்ச தூரம் சென்றவுடன் தான் தெரிந்தது அது ஆள் நடமாட்டமே இல்லாத ரோடு, வனாந்திரம், அங்கு இருக்கும்  தோட்டம் எல்லாம் வனவிலங்கு வராம இருக்க மின்வேலி அமைச்சிருக்காங்க. ஒரு வாகனம் மட்டுமே செல்லக்கூடிய பாதை, நடுவில் வழி விசாரிக்க கூட யாரும் கிடையாது, ரோடும் பல இடங்களில் பள்ளம் நிறைந்து இருந்தது.


ரொம்ப தூரம் போனபிறகு சில பல வீடுகள் தெரிந்தது, சரி வந்த வழி சரிதானானு விசாரிக்கலாம்னு கேட்டோம், அதுவரை வந்த வழி சரிதான், மூணாறு எப்படி போகணும்னு கேட்டோம், அதுக்கு கொஞ்ச தூரம் நேரா போனா ஒரு  transformer  வரும் அதில கிழக்கே திரும்பி போக சொன்னாங்க. அந்த காட்டில அப்பவே இருட்ட தொடங்கிடிச்சி, அதில  transformer கண்டுபிடிச்சி நாங்களே இது தான் கிழக்குனு உத்தேசமா கண்டுபிடிச்சி போனோம்.

அந்த காட்டுக்குள்ளே cellphone signalம் கிடையாது, google mapலயும் அந்த ரோடே கிடையாது. ஒரு வழியா ஒரு சின்ன மழை வரவேற்க சின்னகானலுக்கு வந்து சேர்ந்தோம், அங்கு தான் ரெசார்ட் அமைந்திருந்தது. உடனே resortக்கு phone செய்து, எப்படி வரணும் வழி சொல்லுங்கனு கேட்டோம், அந்த ஆள் resortக்கு வர வழியை தவிர எல்லா விபரமும் சொன்னான், எங்களுக்கு தான் ஒண்ணும் புரியலை.

அங்கு உள்ள ஒரு டீக்கடையில் விசாரிச்சோம், தமிழ் தெரிந்த ஒருத்தர் resortகாரன் சொன்ன வழிக்கு நேர் எதிரே போக சொன்னாரு, ஏற்கனவே பட்டபாடு போதாதா இந்த ராத்திரியில எந்த மலைக்காட்டுக்கு இவரு வழி சொல்றாருனு தெரியாம, திரும்பவும் அதே resortக்கு phone செய்து, எப்படி வரணும் வழி கொஞ்சம் தெளிவா சொல்லுங்கனு கேட்டோம். ம்ஹீம் அவனா வழிய சொல்லுவான், கடைசியில டீக்கடையில் சொன்ன தமிழர் தப்பா சொல்லமாட்டாருன்னு அவரு சொன்ன வழியில போய் ஒரு இரண்டு கிலோமீட்டருக்கு அப்புறம் resort வந்து சேர்ந்தது.

Resort போய் வழி சொன்ன அந்த ஆள் கிட்டே கேட்டோம் ஏன் தப்பான வழிய சொன்னேன்னு, அதுக்கு அவனுக்கு நாங்க சூர்யநெல்லி ரோட்டிலிருந்து வருவது தெரியாம அந்த புத்திசாலி மூணாறுலிருந்து resortக்கு வர வழி சொல்லி இருக்கான், இரண்டு ரோடும் வெவ்வேறு திசைகள். ஒரு வழியா இரவு 7 மணிக்கு resort வந்து சேர்ந்தோம்.

அடுத்த நாள் களைப்பு போக நன்றாக ஓய்வு எடுத்துவிட்டு சுற்றி பார்க்க கிளம்பினோம். எங்கு போவதனாலும் டாக்சி தான் எடுத்து செல்ல வேண்டும் இந்த அரசு பேருந்து எல்லாம் அங்கே வருவதும் போவது எட்டாவது அதிசயம் தான்.


ஒரு டாக்சியை விசாரித்தோம், சுற்றி பார்க்க கிளம்புவது என்றால் காலையிலேயே கிளம்ப வேண்டும் என்றும் 1400 ஆகும் என்று சொன்னார். நாங்க கேட்ட நேரம் மதியம் 3 மணி. சரி நாளைக்கு போகலாம்னு வந்துட்டோம்.

அடுத்த நாள் வந்து பார்த்தா ஒரு டாக்சியையும் காணோம் என்னன்னு விசாரிச்சால் எல்லா touristம் வந்ததினால் மூணாறு முழுவதும் traffic jam, போன வண்டி எல்லாம் struck ஆகி நிக்கிதாம். நாங்களும் ஒரு மணி நேரம் வண்டி வரும்னு காத்திருந்து பார்த்துவிட்டு வேற எங்கயும் போகாம ரூமுக்கு வந்து சேர்ந்தோம்.

Resort  சாப்பாடு ஒண்ணும் சுகமில்ல, வெளியே hotel போய் சாப்பிடலாம்னா ஒரே hotel sarath inn, அந்த இடத்துக்கு வேற எப்படி இருக்கும், முதல் நாள் chicken biriyani வாங்கினோம், இனிப்பாக இருந்தது, அது சாப்பிட்ட பிறகு திண்டுக்கல் பிரியாணி சுவையே மறந்து போய்டிச்சி.

சரி நாமே மூணாறு பார்த்திடுவோம்னு காரில் கிளம்பி ஒரு 7 km  போயிருப்போம், ரோடு ஒத்தையடி பாதையா மாறிடிச்சி, அப்பதான் ஏன் traffic jam ஆகுதுன்னு புரிஞ்சுது, இந்த ரோட்டில எல்லாம் போய் வர முடியாதுனு அப்பவே திரும்பிட்டோம்.


இதுக்கு பேர் தான் இவங்க ஊர்ல falls

மூன்றாவது நாள் மூணாறை விட்டு காலை 7 மணிக்கு கிளம்பினோம், வழக்கம் போல் resort billல் extra person bed charges போட்டு கொடுத்தான், நாங்கள் ஏற்கனவே book செய்யும்போதே extra person included in same charge போட்டு தான் booking பண்ணோம், ஏகப்பட்ட வாக்குவாதத்துக்கு பிறகு bill settle செய்தோம். இதில் அரை மணி நேரம் கடந்துவிட்டது

திரும்பவும் அதே வனாந்திரம், போடிமெட்டு வந்து, 17 கொண்டை ஊசி வளைவு தாண்டி கீழ் இறங்கிய பின் தான் ஒரு சுகம் கிடைத்தது. தேனியில் இருந்தே 8.30 மணிக்கு நல்ல hotel காலை சிற்றுண்டி சாப்பிட தேடிட்டே வந்தோம், பெரியகுளம் வந்து தான் ஒரு hotel கண்ணில் பட்டது, சாப்பிட்டு விட்டு கிளம்பினோம், சாப்பாடு சுமார் ரகம் தான்.

வத்தலகுண்டு bypass புதிதாக உள்ளது. தேவதானப்பட்டிக்கும் ஒரு புது bypass மலையை உடைத்து அமைத்து இருக்கிறார்கள். Toll plaza கட்டி முடித்து விட்டார்கள், அநேகமாக இன்னும் ஒரு 15 நாளில் கட்டணம் வசூலிக்க ஆரம்பித்துவிடுவார்கள். சாய்ந்து கிடந்த toll plaza கூரையை சரி செய்துவிட்டார்கள்.

10.30 மணிக்கு திண்டுக்கல் வந்தோம், 11:15 மணிக்கு மணப்பாறை முறுக்கு வாங்கிவிட்டு 12 மணிக்கு திருச்சி வந்து சேர்ந்தோம். ஸ்டார் பிரியாணி பாடலூரில் சாப்பிட 12:30 மணிக்கு நிறுத்தினோம். ஆம்பூர் பிரியாணிக்கு உள்ள மணம் குணம் எதுவும் இல்லை புளிப்பான தக்காளி சாதம் போல் இருந்தது.

அடுத்து இரண்டு டோல் ப்ளாசாவிலும் கூட்டமே இல்லை எனவே வேகமாக வந்து கொண்டிருந்தோம். செங்கல்பட்டு தாண்டவும் சரியான நெரிசல், அதிலும் மறைமலை நகரில் Garuda Staff bus  பதினைந்து பஸ் அந்த நேரத்தில் வந்து சேர்ந்தது, தாம்பரம் வரை யாரையும் முந்த விடாமல் ஓட்டிட்டு போனார்கள். இவனுங்க மட்டும் தான் road tax கட்டினவனு நினைப்பு அவனுங்களுக்கு.

வீட்டுக்கு 4 மணிக்கு வந்து விஜயதசமி பூசையை கொண்டாடினோம்.

மூணாறு நமக்கு இனி ஆகாது.

Total Petrol 69 litres, Total Km 540 km One way

Toll Charges Up and Down Rs 786
Single way Charges

Chengalpet      Rs 50

Tindivanam      Rs 50

Vikiravandi      Rs 75

Ulundurpet      Rs 45

Thirumandurai    Rs 45

Samyapuram     Rs 40

Ponnambalapatti   Rs 88

Vinayagar Chathurthi 2016 Trip from Chennai to Nagercoil

Vinayagar Chathurthi weekend holiday was there, so planned to visit Nagercoil. Since son’s school was having Saturday  3-9-16 as holiday or not was not announced, finally it was a half day on Saturday.
Due to the Saturday school couldn’t book the tickets in advance. Tatkal had waiting list more than 100 and private buses had minimum fare as 1500 in non A/C buses.
Finally decided to travel by car. Things were packed tank filled air checked and started journey from Chromepet home at 1:50 pm, at perungalathur itself traffic started somehow took the left lane and stopped at Eraniamman temple, it was closed still offered prayer and started, Traffic signal at Vandalur GST road Kelambakkam was not functioning hence there was a big traffic pile up, none of the vehicles were moving all the available road, Main road Service Road, Vandalur flyover everywhere it was vehicles.
Traffic on GST Road Towards Tindivanam
Moved inch by inch, no policemen where seen, traffic itself decided to move merge and give way as per their own wish and moved, this continued for 45 minutes, then finally crossed Vandalur zoo, traffic then started moving, at Guduvanchery next bottleneck was there, halted and then moved on, finally with all stop go condition reached paranur toll plaza at 3:40 pm.
Afterwards traffic was seen moving continuously, we continued to reach Tindivanam at 4:30 pm, after Ulunderpet traffic was less continued till Chakra milk parlour near perambalur and took a break here.
Then continued to Madurai ring road, as usual rod was in bad condition, huge potholes slowed down the progress, but Madurai ringroad has continuous flow of vehicles, it was 10 pm now and we were searching for some good hotel for dinner, Planned to take dinner at Virudhunagar Burmakadai but not sure whether it will be open at 11 Pm. So settled for the ring road Muniyandi vilas, had parotta and started the journey.
Nearing Melur there was heavy rain, visibility was not there added  to it the wiper was not cleaning the windshield properly, it seems there is gap between wiper blade and windshield, however continued to drive and another 30 minutes rain got over and reached a petrol pump for refill.
Crossed virudhunagar burmakadai by 11:20 pm and still found it is open with lights on, but didn’t stop and not sure whether service was available or not.
Reached Kayathar by 12 midnight and was very tired by now, throughout the journey there were not SETC buses to give company, TNSTC also few buses were found in the Chengalpet Villupuram stretch, beyond that between Trichy and Madurai few TNSTC buses were there otherwise it was sand lorries and few cars from Trichy to Madurai.
From Kayathar raced all the way due to empty roads and reached Nagercoil home by 1:25 am, complete 11 hours 25 minutes journey to cover 675 km.
At Amaravila Gurusami temple
Return Journey started from Nagercoil on 5-9-16 morning 5:40 am, came to Muppandal amman temple the temple deity was getting washed, again started and plan changed to visit Sankarankovil, so entered Tirunelveli and with Here Maps app, took the Rajaplayam road, this road is being widened and at many places the work is completed and going on, so for every 5 km of good run 3 km will be on bad roads and the new road is at a higher level at all the transition points vehicle has to get down and climb one feet high road, speed was greatly reduced and reached Sankarankovil by 8 am, had a good darshan and continued to Karivalamvandhanallur, Paalvannanadhar temple, had a good hassle free darshan and continued to Rajapalayam, Srivilliputhur, got the Paalkova took the Madurai highway the roads were average at some places big potholes were there and reached Thirumangalam by 11:15 am, took the Periya- Alangulam road to airport and reached NH45B to Trichy.
Morning Sunrise at Nanguneri
Rajapalayam Diversion at Tirunelveli
Good and Bad Roads towards Sankarankovil
Good stretch of Road to Sankarankovil
At SankaranKovil
Paalvannanadhar Temple at Karivalanmvandhanallur
Temple car in the making
Travelling from Srivilliputhur to Thirumangalam
Roads were free of traffic raced and reached Trichy, searched for Hotel to have Lunch but on the GST road there were no hotels to be found came to manachanallur and stopped at Sonamina hotel by 2 pm they were not having Lunch, found Star Biryani hotel on the opposite side, but it was not yet opened, they told next week (15-9-16) only is slated for opening. Halted at a Saravanabhava hotel food was not so good.
Our Companions on the Road
NH45B Highway at Thuvanrangurichi
Started after Lunch and there was traffic building up, based on the previous journey bit hesitant to take chegalpet vandalur road, but google map was not showing any major traffic buildup. So continued to wards Chengalpet and reached Chromepet Home by 5:45 pm Complete 12 hours for 693 km journey.
NH45 after Samayapuram nice median plantation
Ever crowded Sengurichi plaza
Total toll Paid Onward Chromepet to Nagercoil 12 toll plazas 710 Rs
Return Journey Nagercoil to Chromepet 9 Toll plazas 510 Rs Paid

Athulynathar, Siruvanthadu and Pooarasankuppam Lakshmi Narasimhar Visit

Saturday 9-7-16 being a holiday for Nishanth, as usual planned for a Outing.

This time it was decided to visit Thirukovilur Arakandanallur Athulyanadheswarar temple, then my brother told about Lakshmi narasimhar at Poovarasankuppam, so that was also included.

Planned to start by 5:30 am, but as usual it was delayed and left by 6 am from Chromepet home.

Had a small pooja halt at Vandalur Eraniamman and starting from the temple a fellow in the mahindra van try to bully me, didn’t want to start an argument at the temple so i moved on, reached chengalpet Paranur toll plaza queue was there waited patiently reached here by 6:50 am, moved on reached Tindivanam toll plaza by 7:30am, here still bigger queue was there took the Tindivanam Gingee road and spotted a Jack fruit vendor, bought one jackfruit, continued to gingee and found mango being sold, sample taste of neelam variety was too sweet, took some Neelam mango and at Alampoondi took the diversion to Tirukovilur through Mazhavanthangal road.

Gingee Tindivanam road is now much improved to its earlier condition. Again road widening work is in progress, Transtroy company grader was working in the stretch

It was an isolated road with sparse traffic, lush fields and forest, bit lonely road but good road reached villupuram thiruvannamalai road and took thirukovilur road at Kandachipuram.

Level crossing at  Thirukovilur was closed , a passenger train hauled by WAP7 with 6 coaches crossed then we crossed and reached the temple with local enquiry as it is located in a small road.

Reached the temple had a nice view of  Thirukovilur and Veerataneshwar temple gopuram.

Athulyanadheshwarar temple was closed, came around the temple and had breakfast at Tirukovilur.

Now the car was giving a strange sound and petrol smell was emanating, so opened the bonnet and checked the engine bay the petrol hose has developed a leak and petrol was spilling in to the engine bay.

Planned to go to Veerataneshwar temple also, as the car developed snag, so plan was changed and started to Villupuram.

Soon contacted the Villupuram service centre and asked for directions and informed about the leaking fuel hose. The service centre Arasu Hyundai, patiently explained the route directions and reached without much trouble.

Started 10:30 from Tirukovilur to Villupuram. Entered Villupuram town and located the service centre by 11:30 am.

Car was taken in to the service station at 11:45 am and it took 3 hours to get it serviced, to replace the leaking fuel hose, by now totally 10 to 12 litres petrol has spilled.

By 3 pm car was handed over by that time we were very hungry, came to Villupuram ponnusamy hotel they had only lunch ordered 3 lunch and fruit juice, finished the food and  started by 3:45 from Villupuram towards Siruvanthadu.

Took the Villupuram Pondicherry road till Valavanur and took a right turn into Siruvanthadu road reached by 4:30 pm.

Siruvanthadu is lined with so many silk saree traders, we located one shop and purchased sarees, after that proceeded to Poovarsankuppam and had a good darshan of the Lakshminarasimhar.

Came out of temple by 5:30 pm and started towards Chennai, came to Koliyanur and took the Chennai turn, here Guava, and Sapotta fruit were available, they were tasting really good, we felt bad since we purchased one kg only.

Since the fuel was leaking all the way from chennai, the tank was nearing empty by now, located an IOCL fuel pump at Vikravandi and tanked up fuel.

Started and came to Vikravandi toll as usual a long wait, cleared toll and continued the journey it was dark by the time crossed Tindivanam. After Madurantakam the traffic was heavy, luckily there was no traffic jam at guduvanchery or at Vandalur, there was a brief stoppage but we moved on soon, Continued and came home by 8:30 pm

Total up and down 445 Km

Toll Charges

Paranur  toll return ticket 75 Rs

Athur toll return ticket 75 Rs

Vikravandi  single toll 75 Rs

Photos follow soon, download pending

Mazhavanthangal road with  Lush greenery on the sides
Rocky hills of Gingee
Thirukovilur Level Crossing a WAP7 crossing with a Passenger train

Athulyanadheswarar Araknadanllur or Thirukovilur
This Gopuram built with Japanese participation

Thirukovilur Panaromic View with Veerateshawar Gopuram at the Background

Chasing the Chennai Rain Dec 2015

It was Dec 1, 2015, residents of Chennai were not knowing what is in store for the day, it was raining from morning and the intensity kept on increasing throughout the day to make a record 500mm rainfall in a single day, all roads were under sheets of water.

We were no exception, our house was inundated with three feet water, have to move to a neighbour’s house on the first floor, our friendly neighbour took care of our food requirements for the next two days.

We waited and prayed for the water to recede, on 3rd December entered the house cleaned and assessed the damage, many household electronic items were swept away in water, we salvaged whatever we could.

Cleaned the house of the slush and we moved in to our House. But rain was unrelenting, we were afraid still what destruction it want to make, already it has caused major damage. No power, no cellphone network, landline phone was not working, all electronic equipment were damaged due to rain water.

In all this medley, we had already  booked the Bus tickets for attending a marriage in the family at Nagercoil on 5th December. Knowing the weather conditions and the rain damage made, cancelled the tickets on 4-12-15.

To understand the intensity of rain damage, All trains from Chennai Egmore, Central were suspended from Dec2 to Dec 7, Chennai airport was closed from Dec 2 to Dec 8, Arakonam was operating for handling relief team’s flights.

GST road, ECR were blocked traffic was plying on Vellore Bangalore road only. No powersupply, Cel phones were not working, ATM closed, no milk supply, It was complete standstill in all front.

The car stood outside and had water ingress upto the seat bottom, not sure what all is gone.

Called the mechanic on 5th December 2015, he inspected the car in the morning, air filter was completely eaten by a rat, floor carpet was soaked in that dirty water, he checked other essentials and comforted me that the car can be started.

He started, the smoke was different in colour and had a strange smell, silencer pipe was spewing water out, the engine was revved to push out the water, mechanic took the car and returned with a changed air filter and told the car can be used, and the carpet need to be cleaned with an absorbent cloth to squeeze the water out.

On 5th December started arranging the things in the house which were moved to higher heights, and cleaning of all flood water soaked clothes were in progress, slowly by afternoon again the sky turned darker announcing the arrival of next spell of rains. That made us to again move all the things to safer heights and we decided we cannot brave another rain, my friends were inviting me to visit their home in Bangalore to escape Chennai rain fury.

So finally announced to the family members by 3:30 pm, decide any place and we will move and spend the weekend and return home by Monday, let the rain god have its own fury and do at its own interest what it is intended to do.

After debating for Bangalore, settled for Nagercoil, so that we can attend the wedding, as well as we can have a word with our near and dear ones at this time of need. On top of that the toll plazas in Tamilnadu were made toll free till 11-12-15 in order to aid the flood relief is reached on time. This had an added advantage to undertake the trip.

Destination chosen by 4:30pm, next packing of the essentials, and moving valuables to high and higher places started, it was hectic one hour where we were working like assembly line factory workers.

Rain soaked Drive

Next impediment, petrol was in great demand and TV was showing visuals of huge queue in front of petrol stations, we were worried whether we will get fuel at start and also at midway. Checked with the contacts to find out the fuel availability position enroute, they assured us there are no issues for petrol availability apart from Chennai.

Checked the house finally, switched off the power, and started for Nagercoil from Chromepet at 6 pm, visited the nearest petrol pump, as expected it was crowded, stood for 25 minutes and got a tankful, moved towards Irumbuliyur and there was a big traffic block as the ROB has developed deep craters vehicles were struggling to manoeuvre, reached perungalathur, IJT bus there, thought i could piggy back him so that there are no worries about the route to be taken.

We stopped at the Eraniamman temple, after the prayers started, it was raining to a drizzle, reached Paranur toll plaza, it was a breeze to get out without paying toll or waiting at the queue. But still the staff were counting the vehicles.

Rain was unrelenting, we were going on good speed as the traffic was sparse, IJT bus was not to be seen, and while crossing Madurantakam, car ran a pothole at good speed that made the LHS both wheel rims to be bent, with the impact, there was strange noise and wobbling was seen, there were no street lights to assess the damage, proceeded at slow speed and stopped at a street light to find out what has happened, the wheel rims were bent badly and the circular shape was gone, it made clearance with the tyre against the rim and sure air was leaking.

All these made one thing clear, the car cannot proceed any further and even if it is driven the tyres will lose air very soon.

Not knowing what to do proceeded at slow speed expecting a tyre repair shop, as luck would have it there was a tyre alignment shop, one I20 was getting its tyre aligned, looks like he too hit the same pothole. Stopped the car and informed the person to get the rim straightened, he told he will attend to it after the I20 is ready, and told me the pothole is so dangerous it makes many vehicles affected.

He removed the wheel rims, found both the front and rear wheel rims were damaged to a great extent both inside and outside,  straightened and told wheel balancing is required as there will be wobbling if it is not done. So all repairs were carried out and started by 8:30 pm total 200rs paid, Rain was heavy again, even to enter in to the car we got our dresses drenched.

Thanked the almighty that the damage was attended to and commenced our journey, now all the rain water covered roads appeared like hidden potholes.

The Bus we booked and cancelled the tickets for Nagercoil Nanjil 5 we crossed it at Madurantakam




Reached Villupuram Arya bhavan for Dinner, had a hot dinner, for all these days we were having a frugal meal as it was not possible to bring out all the spices and condiments, the fridge was out of order, the provisions were stacked at the loft, vessels were packed in bigger containers, so we managed with minimal resources. At the hotel to say the least we had a lavish dinner, three chutneys piping hot sambhar and tea.

Finished our dinner and to come out of the hotel the rain was not permitting us, it was pouring to its heart’s content, the hotel staff held the umbrella to walk in to the vehicle, praised, thanked and tipped them for the service.

The journey in to the rain filled roads were continuing, thought the rain will subside after an hour or after 50 kms, but it was romancing with us, throughout the journey it was accompanying us with its generous downpour, the wipers were working at its max, even then before the return swipe the road was not visible, fogging the glass made us to switch the heater for the first time, the family was surprised that the car had the heater facility, the headlamps were appearing like a candle light brightness which was illuminating only 3 feet in the front.

Hampered by all aids, we still made the progress, expecting if any big petrol pump or way side facility came with good parking and lighting, will stop there and take some rest. But that was not the case in the blinding rain, Electricity was not there nor any safe spot was visible to us while driving.

From Ulundupet to Perambalaur, the rain was the heaviest, completely hampered the vision, no vehicles in the front or accompanied us, so continued with great caution as the roads were already flooded with water starting to stagnate on the road. Many places it was a foot of water on the highway, we splashed it, otherwise the bigger vehicle plying on the opposite lane splashed the water in to our lane, so one can imagine the water depth stagnated on the roads and the intensity of the rainfall.

Reached Konalai truck parking by 11:30 pm, had a break, now the rains were lesser, cleaned the windshields and started again.

On to the Madurai road after Viralimalai the rain god relented and it stopped to give us a dry road.

Petrol was running short and we planned to fill at the manikandam petrol pump where we usually top it up, but that pump was closed at night, will low fuel level continued till we spotted another HP pump filled the tank, as the credit card machine was not working the attender attempted many time to complete the transaction but it failed, paid cash and started.

On reaching Othakadai by 12:40am, whether to take the city road or ring road was a dilemma, took the ring road and that was horrible decision. The road was non existing, no street lights no paved shoulders and full of potholes which gave us the rim bent nightmare, 20 km of the ring road crossing was a terrible experience. Reached NH7 Kappalur and heaved a sigh of relief on looking at the black top road.

At the ringroad inspite of the bad road conditions the SETC buses were running over the potholes without any consideration, pity the passengers who must be in deep sleep to receive the bumps. Sri Jothi travels was coming along with us from Trichy, but was not able to follow him as the vehicle’s wheel was splashing slush water to the following vehicle.

As i was driving continuously, now the strain was visible and wanted some rest, looked for a tea shop to stop and relax, but there were none on the highway, was frantically looking for parked trucks so that i can stop and take a much needed break and power nap, but nothing was available.

Crossed Virudhunagar, Sattur police checking barrier, that is time remembered, i had taken out the bag containing the car registration and insurance papers out and not put back. Was afraid whether police will stop and ask for papers. But it is too late, i had missed to take the car papers.

Crossing Sathur and thought the rain had stopped, now another spell started, saying how can i leave you dear, this was also of moderate intensity but the rain drops falling on the roof and wind shield sent shivers fearing it may turn to a big downpour.

Crossed Kovilpatti 4:00 am, and now the pain the legs were felt, still we could not find any place to rest and stop. Rathimeena bus overtook us and zipped past us, Hindustan sleeper was doing a good speed of 95km even at the rain.

Crossed Thirunelveli bypass and continued on Highway reached Kavalkinaru by 5:45 am and purchased some sweets for the relatives as we started in a hurry didn’t get anything. We were looking for the Rose bakery which was famous for its sweets, but was not able to locate, took it from Jaisun Bakery.

While waiting at Kavalkinaru Nanjil 2, 17:00hrs CMBT departure crossed us here.

Afer a 20 minutes break started again, and reached Vadasery Nagercoil by 6:00 am, 12 hours non stop ride covering 682 km in all. The finger joints were paining to the core due to repeated use of dim dip switch.

Attended the marriage on 6-12-15, and planned to start to Chennai by noon, but the previous day night driving taught enough lesson so postponed by a day, then mother told to take the return trip on tuesday as we planned to visit our Family deity on Monday.

Monday morning 8:45 started for our Family Deity temple at Amaravila, the famous morning rush hour traffic was not there on the Nagercoil Trivandrum Road within one hour reached the Amaravila Kasilingaswamy temple, offered our prayers and started back by 11 am. visited Kuzhiturai Sastha temple it was closed, offered for fire cracker, and purchased the famous Marthandam Honey 275rs for  Litre, reached Vadasery by 12:00pm.






On return journey started from Nagercoil on 8-12-15, the rain started on the previous night and continued, we were wondering for ourselves why again!!. Planned to stop at the Muppandal amman temple, to seek the blessings, but in the rain filled stretch it was not noticed, entered the 4 lane road and continued our journey as usual rain was in full form pouring again, switched on the radio and the FM was mentioning the Tamirabharani river is flowing to its brim, and due to the continuous rain school colleges in Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari have declared holidays, One of the grouse the Kanyakumari students were having was there were no holidays declared so far due the rains, now that wish too fulfilled, so as usual we were bringing in the heavy rain wherever we went.

Rains were continuing heavily till Sathur, after that there was no rain, reached Melur by 9:50 am and had a friend waiting for us, we met and had breakfast at Templecity hotel along with Jigarthanda. Talked with him narrated the chennai rains, as he was moving to Qatar next day. took photos and started from Melur by 10:40, reached Madurai, again we took the ringroad as we are not familiar with the city roads and one way traffic restriction, took a wrong turn to Tuticorin road immediately retracted and joined Trichy road, at Trichy cauvery and Kollidam was having water flow but not brimming, anyway looking at the sand filled rivers in all these years it was a delight watching the water flow under the bridge.








Reached Ulundurpet by 12:45 pm and stopped for a lunch break. Took food from Karaikal Chettinad hotel, nit sure how karaikal is famous for chettinad food, the food was not praiseworthy completed food and started our Journey by 1:45 pm.


ossed Vikravandi, Chengalpet in bright sunshine, which made us to feel great that rains have taken a retreat frm Chennai, While returning saw the damage the flood water has done at Urapakkam, Guduvancheri, Potheri, complete median was removed and the water flooding tell tale signs were there.

Reached home by 4 PM, complete 10 hours drive of 682 km with two breaks, which made a less tiring journey.

Thanked the rain god as he had not marooned our house. So stepped in to the house to find is as is where is condition.

A drive which will be remembered for the driving under extreme condition.